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References & Testimonials

"Owen explained that employing ABC (Attitude, Belief, & Commitment to fight off D (Depression). With a positive attitude, a strong sense of self-belief & the commitment to do what it takes, nothing can stand in the way of your success. I understand now why so many schools enlist the help of Owen, and would encourage more to do so"

Dr Eddie Murphy. Psychologist. RTE's Operation Transformation. Irish Daily Mail Newspaper 24th November 2015 - "Why we all need to open up about our emotions".

"I have known Owen since January 2002 when he commenced providing Finance support for the Software Publishing Services (SPS) business. This was a $60M Worldwide business and Owen had responsibility for;
- Full P&L / Balance sheet support,
- Individual customer appraisal / costing reviews for contract renewals,
- Financial review and approval for new business opportunities,
- Annual, quarterly, and monthly budgeting / forecasting / variance analysis, and
- The cost efficiency of internal production facilities - Media Room, Demand Print and Manufacturing facility.

In January 2004 he also took responsibility for supporting the Software Management business. In addition to the duties outlined above he also has responsibility for;
- Supporting the setup and ongoing review of our e-factory model, with locations in India, Hungary and the Philippines.
- Supporting the selection process for our current On-shore service provider.

Over the last 8 years I found Owen to be diligent, efficient and totally trustworthy. He can think strategically as well as tactically and he maintained tight control over the businesses while also contributing to longer term business planning and direction".

John O'Sullivan EMEA Client Capability Leader at Hewlett Packard

"Owen an expert on Wellbeing came highly recommended to me as Principal. After speaking to him briefly I was captivated and emotionally moved by his life story of resilience and optimism. I invited him to talk to the three senior classes and to the staff. During these sessions he gave a personal account of his own story and highlighted strategies that he uses to support develop and maintain his wellbeing. The staff and children were extremely impressed with his positive attitude to life".

Teresa Neylon. National School Principal

"The students could related very well to Owens' presentation.  Referring to his own personal experiences helped our students. The importance of having goals was highlighted and the students could see how important this is for their lives. The “ Wheel of life” showed them how they need to have balance in their lives. It helped them realise that they can do anything they want with their talents if they embrace the opportunities they get and have a positive, open attitude. Highly recommend Owen".

Gearoid Leen. Secondary School Principal.

"Owen always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is thorough in carrying out his work which was always completed in a timely manner. Moreso he always understands the bigger picture and is capable of taking innovative action".

Dr. Chris Coughlan Director at Hewlett-Packard Galway Ltd

"Owen applies full commitment to anything he takes on. While at Hewlett Packard, apart from being considered a top performer within the finance team, he made an outstanding contribution to our Junior Achievement program - a collaborative enterprise program with local schools. He coached a team of Transition Year students to build a mini-company and took them all the way to the national finals, for the first time, of the RDS Student Innovation Awards".

Mark Gantly Senior R&D Director, HP Cloud Services

"Owen gave a very inspirational talk to our senior class. He encouraged them not to be afraid to dream big and their dreams can come true. He emphasised the importance of having self-belief and self-confidence".

Breda Murphy. National School Principal

"'I know Owen for quite some time. Together we've worked on various education, business and tourism projects. I am happy to recommend Owen as someone who will inspire, motivate and assist you or your group on their personal journey. You will be impressed with his genuineness, his personal story and the tools he'll give you to break through to greater freedom and personal fulfilment. Enjoy every moment".

Fidelma Healy Eames (Former Senator)

"Owen was assigned to help support our EMEA Remarketing business from a Finance and Controllership perspective. During his time in this role, I found him to be not only extremely responsible to ensure that all of our accounting and financial reporting was done perfectly. But more important, he was a key contributor to help drive the business improvements and development from both an execution and strategic standpoint. He is a quick learner and is able to think beyond the simplistic cost-savings mindset.
I would, at any time, highly recommend Owen to any organization that is considering hiring him".

Norman Koo EMEA Converged Systems Sales Strategy & Operations at Hewlett Packard

"Owen gave a motivational talk to the children in the senior classes in relation to self belief and positive mental attitude. His presentation was highly interactive and pitched exactly at the level of the children. The children were particularly interested as he referred to his impressive rowing career and even passed around some of his medals. It is always refreshing to have a talker that clearly inspires the children. The content of his presentation is clearly in line with the current S.P.H.E. curriculum".

Mark Hannon. National School Principal


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