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Owen Diviney

Owen Diviney

Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Executive Coach & Sports Coach

Qualified Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) with 25 years of experience.

A Senior Manager with extensive financial and commercial experience in the multinational and SME sectors. Strong management skills and business acumen facilitate the creation and maintenance of excellent relationships with all key stakeholders.


Owen is available to work as a consultant, executive coach, personal coach, and mentor in companies, schools, teams, and individuals. Owen is a qualified chartered accountant, executive coach, youth worker, qualified sports coach, former successful international rowing athlete, holder of seven all Ireland championships in multiple sports and seven international rowing gold medals in addition to over 100 titles in domestic competition from underage up to senior. He has competed for Ireland over 30 times. He has worked with several international athletes, primary & secondary schools, sports teams, and individuals. He works with several community organisations on a voluntary basis.
Owen has a passion for working with young people with the ability to get the best out of them to fulfil their own high standards through mentoring, coaching and guidance.

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