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PERSONAL Development


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The personal coach helps individuals gain awareness of and clarify their personal goals and priorities, better understand their thoughts, feelings, and options, and take appropriate actions to change their lives, accomplish their goals, and feel more fulfilled.


Personal Development emphasises the role of continuous learning in an individual's life. Personal Coaches assist individuals to learn new skills, to learn about themselves and others and to adopt strategies that allow them to live the life they choose with purpose and joy. Personal Development is a collaborative relationship between the Personal Coach and Coachee that promotes the Coachee's overall well being and enjoyment of life.


According to a survey of coaching clients, "sounding board" and "motivator" were the top roles selected for a coach. Clients are looking for a coach "to really listen to them and give honest feedback." The top three issues in which clients seek help are time management, career and business.

Other Reasons for personal development

  • Clarifying vision and life purpose

  • Establishing both short and long-term life goals

  • Enhancing health through establishing exercise programs, anti-stress and relaxation programs

  • Developing self-awareness, Self-knowing, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-actualisation, relationship skills, empathy, self-control, adaptability & optimism

  • Clarifying values, strengths and core beliefs

  • Exploring and developing techniques to establish and maintain a greater sense of life/work balance

Private Individual Personal Development

National & Secondary School Workshops

Third Level Individual & Group workshops

Sports Team Coaching & Mentoring


The students could relate very well to Owens' presentation.  Referring to his own personal experiences helped our students. The importance of having goals was highlighted and the students could see how important this is for their lives. The “ Wheel of life” showed them how they need to have balance in their lives. It helped them realise that they can do anything they want with their talents if they embrace the opportunities they get and have a positive, open attitude. Highly recommend Owen.

Gearoid Leen. Secondary School Principal.



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