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Owen Diviney is a management professional with more than 25 years of success. He has a proven ability to inspire, empower, encourage and steer people towards achieving their goals in various fields. Owen is a very focused, determined and persistent individual who constantly pushes life’s boundaries. He has worked with individuals & teams in the multinational and the small to medium enterprise sectors to maximize their impact. Owen has mentored thousands of young people in National & Secondary schools all over Ireland.

  • Development of project roadmaps for the successful implementation of strategic change, industry development, resource management, and competitive business solutions.

  • Design and delivery of employee engagement programs.

  • Executive leadership development.

  • Enhancement of individual & team performance for the achievement of organizational strategic goals.

  • Supporting the development of values-led strategic plans.

  • Effective financial management and governance.

  • Part-time lecturer in University of Galway on coaching for performance improvement

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Owen Diviney

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Owen’s mastery of his subject derives from the fact that he has managed himself to excel in diverse environments: a self-made man despite an austere childhood; an accomplished international oarsman having represented Ireland 30 times including to World Championship level; not to mention a successful career. Owen is available to provide tailored positive motivational presentations and speeches, in the following areas: sport and activities, career planning, lifestyle balance, and enterprise.

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Goal direction - Know where you stand, know where you want to go and have a plan to get there - Visualisation. Self-motivation - How to become a self-starter and wind your own clock. Positive mental attitude - Look for ways to get things done. Focus on your strengths and break self-imposed limitations. The importance of daily affirmations and being the best you can be with your talents so that every day in every way you are getting better. "Don't measure yourself by what you achieve in life. Measure yourself by what you should achieve with your talents".




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Your Greatest Self.


Owen has a passion for working with diverse people to identify their strengths and goals and help them fulfil these standards through mentoring, coaching and guidance. He has mentored thousands of young people in National & Secondary schools all over Ireland.

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* Chartered management accountant with over 25 years of professional work experience

* Professional Executive Coach

* Successful Qualified Sports Coach

* Former Successful International Rower

* Ranked 10th in the World at underage level

* Holder of 7 International Gold Medals

* Holder of 7 Irish National Championships in multiple sports

* Released his first solo music CD "Endless Time" and gave profits to volunteer-run charities

"Owen explained that employing ABC (Attitude, Belief, & Commitment to fight off D (Depression). With a positive attitude, a strong sense of self-belief & the commitment to do what it takes, nothing can stand in the way of your success. I understand now why so many businesses, schools and individuals enlist the help of Owen, and would encourage more to do so"

Dr Eddie Murphy. Psychologist. RTE's Operation Transformation. Irish Daily Mail Newspaper 24th November 2015

Owen applies full commitment to anything he takes on. While at Hewlett Packard, apart from being considered a top performer within the finance team, he made an outstanding contribution to our Junior Achievement program - a collaborative enterprise program with local schools. He coached a team of Transition Year students to build a mini-company and took them all the way to the national finals, for the first time, of the RDS Student Innovation Awards

Mark Gantly Senior R&D Director, HP Cloud Services

Owen always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is thorough in carrying out his work which was always completed in a timely manner. Moreso he always understands the bigger picture and is capable of taking innovative action.

Dr. Chris Coughlan Director at Hewlett-Packard Galway Ltd




Personal power is the ability to change from negative to positive habits. Desire is a key factor to consider when looking at the ability to change a pattern of failure to one of success. Personal Power is also a measure of the ability to focus your attention in a way that enables you to navigate through conflicting desires. One of the most effective ways to develop personal power is to break energy-wasting habits that don’t serve you and your goals. As you gain a small degree of personal power, you can use it to break other energy draining habits. Empowered living means you are in control of your life and feel respected, aware of the challenges you face, loved, making a positive contribution. For most of your days you are motivated, excited and upbeat about what's in front of you.


Owen an expert on Wellbeing came highly recommended to me as Principal. After speaking to him briefly I was captivated and emotionally moved by his life story of resilience and optimism. I invited him to talk to the three senior classes and to the staff. During these sessions he gave a personal account of his own story and highlighted strategies that he uses to support develop and maintain his wellbeing. The staff and children were extremely impressed with his positive attitude to life.

Teresa Neylon. National School Principal

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